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Aviation Consulting, Services and Solutions

Aviation Services

Improformance has a long and successful track record in the Aviation sector. Our success is as a result of our proven ability to model, identify and then deliver practical workable solutions quickly and cost effectively.

We have a focussed group of consultants and practitioners to assist our clients improve service delivery whilst reducing costs in the following areas:

* Ramp operations
* Baggage handling
* Load control (Weight and balance)
* Ground service equipment (Maintenance and management)
* Flight catering (Transport, handling and kitchen operations)
* Cabin cleaning operations
* Freight terminal operations

To ensure that improvements and knowledge transfer are embedded once we have completed our engagement we have a number of solutions (training, documentation and software) which we have developed to ensure compliance. These form part of our Compliance and Decision support solutions.

Airport Operations Performance Improvement

We have delivered significant benefits to airport operators, ground handlers and airline operators utilising our in-depth knowledge, experience and innovative software solutions in the airport and airline service environments.  Our approach is to provide fact based, effective and practical solutions within the airport ground handling environment.

Our approach allows us to both identify and solve those key problems that impact on current performance.  We employ our rigorous analysis approach, utilising operational and financial modelling tools to validate and quantify opportunities.  Once the business case has been verified we work closely with our clients to mitigate risks and problems that may be expected with the introduction of new operating strategies, business models, processes, technologies or workforce changes.

We use our blend of industry and business skills coupled with an in-depth understanding of the environment  to provide real benefits in the following areas:

* Cost/revenue improvements (Opportunity identification and delivery)
* Workforce planning, rostering and management services
* Process, standards and procedures
* Documentation and Training services
* Asset planning and optimisation
* Management development

Our experienced consultants are able to offer a range of services, which include:

* Feasibility studies
* Business analysis
* Project management
* Systems development, implementation and hosting
* Procurement strategy development, implementation and management

Compliance, Support Services and Solutions

Safety regulation and compliance issues affect all aviation industry stakeholders, including airlines, cargo, air navigation service providers and civil aviation authorities. We have developed a suite of services and solutions to enable airlines and airline service providers meet and maintain their compliance to industry standards.

We offer the following services:

* Documentation development services
  - Policy establishment
  - Procedures
  - Audit planning and management
  - Documentation management (manual or online solutions)
  - Technical manuals

* Training
  - Theoretical/class course delivery
  - Competency based delivery
  - On-the-job training support
  - Training programme development and evaluation
  - Training management solutions
  - Course content development

* Compliance Management
  - Internal Audits
  - Management of Non-conformances
  - 2nd Party Audits (Service providers/suppliers)
  - Documentation control
  - Reporting
  - Compliance system reviews

We assist you in managing, updating, auditing and addressing non-conformances using our web-based solution suit accessible worldwide.

The suite includes:
* Documentation control solutions
* Training management
* Non-conformance management and reporting
* Outsourced Quality Assurance Management capability and solutions
* Interim management and handover of operations once established/restructured

Management Support Services

We provide our clients with more than just advice and suggestions.  We provide experienced managers and specialists on a interim basis to assist with bedding down changes to ensure long term benefits are actually delivered.

Management Support
* Interim management (All levels)
* Trainers
* Subject matter experts
* Start-up operations experts

Improformance Partners Consulting

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