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Turning Change Strategy In Action

"Only 10% of the companies that have a strategic plan actually implement it."  Michael Porter

Change should not be confused with evolution or organic growth. Change implies rapid and substantive concurrent modifications in processes, systems and infrastructure. Change can be threatening and is generally physically and emotionally stressful for most employees. It is generally not easy to achieve. This is why the best laid plans often remain only that.....

Large, hierarchical, functionally-segregated organisations often have particular difficulties in implementing change strategies because the decision-makers are often too far from the operational areas to be aware of the practical issues slowing change down. Conversely, functional middle-management’s knowledge is generally too specialist to bridge the multiple skill sets that are undergoing change and develop a cross-functional/multi-disciplinary approach. Additionally, traditional Project Management, while providing a framework for planning and reporting change, is generally devoid of content knowledge and cannot address the lack of multi-disciplinary know-how.

Facilitation of Strategic Planning: Using a well established “strategic planning pathway”, we facilitate a 2-day off-site business planning sessions for senior management. The packages can include research and “knowledge base” development, full accommodation and comprehensive documentation of the sessions.

Project Management & Resourcing: Project Resourcing – utilising the right people.  When it comes to delivering your business projects you need to know that you have the right number of people with the right skills and attitude to get the job done.

People and teamwork are critical issues. When selecting both internal staff and external contractors and consultants, you need a way of assessing each individual’s real capabilities and the beliefs and motivation that will drive them to achieve positive outcomes.

We can assess your people and determine any gaps in their capability to deliver your desired outcomes – and we can supply individual specialists to complement your team.

Change Management: Supporting management through what is undoubtedly the most difficult and least understood aspect of management, namely: getting the organisation to change how things get done.

In these change environments, a team of experienced senior managers with strong operational and multi-disciplinary know-how is invaluable to achieving rapid success. Key benefits of this team are:
      • Leadership and experience at operational levels
      • Ability and willingness to engage at the lowest operational level and ensure buy-in
        and ownership
      • Multi-disciplinary know-how
      • Strong P&L focus to ensure appropriate levels of focus on the important and
         strategic issues and major profit drivers
      • Ensuring the ROI on the change initiative is met
      • Short-term engagement.

Business Continuity & Contingency Planning: Whenever change occurs within organisations there are often parties with a vested interest in resisting these changes. Often industrial action is used to reinforce these objections. We have a well established process to manage and mitigate these risks allowing our clients to implement the changes required in the knowledge that they have a robust contingency plan in place to allow the business to service its customers during any disruptions.

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