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Business Performance Improvement Consulting

Improformance Partners engage with companies to identify, quantify and achieve real and sustainable improvements by providing practical and focused Business Performance Improvement consulting.

The Partners at Imporformance are all operationally focused leaders, having led organizational teams and been responsible for bottom-line performance. We can say with confidence that we have experienced business life at senior levels “from the inside”.

This knowledge we have gained managing large businesses ourselves, gives us a clear focus on providing solutions that meet real world requirements in the most cost effective way. We understand the need for simplicity and a practical approach that delivers the greatest benefits within the resources and time available.

Based on solid management and business skills, and supported by strong analytical tools, our solutions are sensitive to constraints and opportunities in an organisation’s human capital, systems and infrastructure. We deliver solutions that optimise people, processes and systems to enable our clients to achieve their business goals.

Our approach is fact-based and leans heavily on TQM, including Lean and Six Sigma, yet their application is pragmatic and common-sense. Our decision-making processes are grounded on the analysis of representative samples of transactional data (generally large), yet are not dry statistical outputs. We have a deep understanding of enterprise systems and IT solutions (e.g. MRP/ERP systems like SAP) and how they can drive efficiency and responsiveness in an organisation, yet we are not IT or ERP consultants.

Almost 80 years of management and consulting experience and the fact that we do most of the consultative work ourselves is the key to our success. Working closely with our client’s management teams, we understand their key business challenges, validate the proposed courses of action and then formulate practical steps, cognisant of the business’ constraints and opportunities, right through to implementing these improvement plans - thereby supporting management through to project completion.

Consulting Methodology //
Consulting Methodology Diagram

Insight and
Strategic Review clarifying your overall goals and objectives. Together with your management team we identify areas currently impacting on your ability to achieve these goals.
Operational Review evaluates and quantifies the effectiveness of your current business processes in delivering the expected strategic outcomes.
Identification &
Business Case
Improvement Strategies and Solutions design new or improved business processes and strategies with specific emphasis on ensuring buy-in and a strong sense of ownership at all levels
Process Enablers identifies required technology or equipment upgrades or changes necessary to implement the proposed changes.
Business Case clarifies the payback and risk profiles of the opportunities identified and forms the basis for improvement initiatives. It ensures that you get the highest return for your improvement initiative.
Planning and
Implementation Roadmap is the sequential action plan that makes people accountable in ensuring they deliver against the implementation recommendations.
Change Management Support provides guidance on managing the impact of change and easing the transition to new processes, with specific attention given to ensuring appropriate user-specific training.
Operational Performance Support designs and delivers Management Information Systems to support employees impacted by the change.
Exception Management provides data and insights into the specific areas that are not performing against the plan. This enables Management to focus on these and address clear issues. Historical data trends provide visibility of future problems, enabling pro-active operational decisions.

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