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Total Cost to Serve

Case study #1
- Large Catering Facility

Brief: Improve labour utilisation at a large flight catering operation.

Approach: A client profitability review conducted earlier had shown substantial anomalies in the rate of labour utilisation for the same tasks on different days. Our analyses indicated that this resulted from a staff/labour roster not properly matched to actual labour demand on day-of-operations.

The DemandPlanner® solution was deployed using the base data collected previously and BPR scenarios were identified to uncouple/de-link activities making the whole operation less “serial” and more flexible. New Master Production Schedules were developed for the modified processes.

The RosterCoster® was deployed and integrated with the DemandPlanner® and new shift patterns and roster scenarios were scoped and delivered for the +500 staff employed. Each scenario was priced and assessed against physical and client-dependent constraints until a lowest-cost, practically realisable process & roster combination was established.

Labour Option Demand Planner and Roster Coster
Daily Demand Matching Combining Departments

Outcome: Significant labour cost reductions were identified and realised within 3 months. We have remained engaged with the business in assisting management in delivering the balance of the expected reduction in labour costs. These cost reductions will be achieved predominantly through reducing labour in penalty hours and overtime and by re-aligning the amount of labour available during different times of the day with the demand for labour during those times.

Case study #2 - International Airline Cabin Cleaning Business

Brief: Reduce total labour costs at a large airline cabin cleaning operation to make the business sustainable.

Approach: The initial approach was to identify and deliver rostering opportunity savings through use of our demand visibility and labour costing tools covering the +150 staff. Once these savings were realised a focussed lean operational improvement initiative delivered further manpower reduction savings in line with the sustainability targets of the business. 

Profiling Workload 

Outcome: The business reduced unit labour costs by more than 20% within 5 months whilst reducing OH&S risks significantly. In addition to labour savings the operation was able to reduce total asset requirements by 30%. The simplified and greatly de-congested operation has now provided the client with a competitive and sustainable business. In utilising our structured approach it is now able to predict its revenues, labour requirements and operating costs extremely accurately, which has enabled management to focus on profitable business and potentially exit cross subsidised loss makers.

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