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Labour Planning and Asset Optimisation

Service and other labour-intensive, shift-based operations that have to deal with varying demand for service during a shift often find that they face a losing battle when trying to improve productivity standards. When shift ‘start’ and ‘end’ times are linked to shift penalties and weekend rates, the effect on average labour costs/hr can be substantial.

A specific approach to demand planning and rostering is in identifying the linkages in the labour process and de-coupling activities to reduce time-based dependencies. This allows planners to defer some tasks while advancing others, aligning all activities to minimise penalty labour rates without affecting service levels. This approach reduces labour cost in the short term without requiring productivity improvements by reducing the average $ cost/man-hr. Subsequent phases drive productivity improvements which multiply the savings achievable.

Our techniques and tools are unique and well tested in various services environments. The basic elements are: 
     • On-line data gathering solution that creates a baseline activity standards database 
     • The DemandPlanner® including an Master Production Schedule generator 
     • The fully-integrated RosterCoster® 
     • An on-line performance monitoring solution with customisable exception reporting

Analysing labour demand: Our DemandPlanner® is a client-customisable analytical and modelling software tool that allows rigorous analysis of labour demand, by client, labour type, operational area and other attributes associated with the demand. It allows scenario planning and “what-if” modelling providing a visual interface to de-mystify the dependencies between upstream and down-stream activities. The DemandPlanner® allows tasks to be deferred or advanced to generate various labour demand scenarios that can then generate a Master Production Schedule. The DemandPlanner® allows the same level of analysis for equipment as it does for labour demand.

Creating “baseline” rosters: The RosterCoster® is a client-customisable roster costing software tool that takes EBA and remuneration arrangements into account in working out accurate $ spend on rosters. It is fully integrated with the DemandPlanner® and as new labour demand scenarios are generated, the required labour cover can be costed, allowing planners to quickly assess the: 
     • Impact of changes in service standards 
     • Impact of new clients 
     • Impact of new services 
     • Generate accurate labour cost projections for these changes.

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